Thursday, July 13, 2017

Toronto Star Article Pushes for Sharia-Compliant Swimwear for Chicks at Public Swimming Pools

Were you to pick up a copy of the Toronto Leisure Swim brochure, you would read that women are required to conform to a dress code--a "full size swim suit" and a T-shirt cover up--during chicks only swim time at city-run pools.

That's a mistake, though. Apparently, there is no dress code in effect.

So how did the dress code info make it into the brochure? A city official explains it like this:
Matthew Cutler, public relations manager for the city’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation department, said that the error likely arose because a staff member referenced an old version of the brochure in creation of the new one.
Oh, so you mean to say that there used to be a sharia compliant dress code, but now there isn't one?

Somehow, that raises more questions than it answers. Like: When and why did the old dress code come into effect? When was it revoked? Why does Matthew Cutler not address the fact that, in an "old" (how old?) version of the brochure, a dress code was still in effect?

More to the point, why doesn't the Toronto Star reporter ask any of these questions? Could it be because he's trying to push another agenda (i.e. sharia compliance in the name of "diversity")?:
An unexpected result of the controversy is that some members of the St. Clair West community began to see the dress code as a good idea, one that could encourage some people who wouldn’t otherwise use the pools to try swimming. 
Dessanti is among those who think that the city should consider bringing a similar swimming time slot back. 
“I think it’s wonderful that we have a space in Toronto that accommodates or even recognizes that option,” referring to the dress code that she believed to be in effect.  
She added that she would be happy to wear a T-shirt while swimming during that time, if there was the possibility that it could make others more comfortable to use the facilities too.  
Janine Mosley, a former lifeguard who describes herself as a “water-loving parent” and is active in the neighbourhood, said that she has observed first-hand how some women are motivated to learn to swim when a safer space is made available to them through women-only swim times.

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