Monday, July 3, 2017

"Sensitive" Anti-Semitic Chicago Dykes In Dire Need of Respite

After acting all hatey due to being "triggered" by the sight of a Jewish symbol, these "victims" are crowdfunding to pay for some much needed r&r:
The organisers of a march which ejected people carrying LGBT pride flags bearing a Star of David are fundraising for a “self-care retreat”, claiming that they have received “countless threats of violence and aggression”. 
On Youcaring, a “compassionate crowdfunding” platform, the organisers of the Chicago Dyke March have asked people to fund them so that they “can take a much needed retreat to rest, re-energise & be in a space of pure love”. 
Last week, these march organisers were reported to have forced people carrying Jewish Pride flags, which feature a Star of David over the LGBT rainbow, to leave the parade. They claimed that the Jewish star “looked too much like Israeli flags… triggering people and making them feel unsafe”. 
One of the Jewish flag wavers said she was ignored when she told the organisers that “being told my Jewish pride is unacceptable, that I can’t be visibly Jewish… actually makes me feel unsafe”. 
Far from apologising, the march organisers subsequently made statements re-affirming their decision, saying they had thrown out people who “repeatedly expressed support for Zionism during conversations with Chicago Dyke March collective members”...
All those who hot house blossoms (including the Jewish ones) who claim to be "triggered": stop it; stop it right now.

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