Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Denmark Caves to, May Be Forced to Compensate, Syrian Refugees Married to Underaged Brides

Are the Danes incapable of safeguarding their values against an onslaught of sharia values?

A Syrian couple will seek legal aid after being forcibly separated by an unlawful directive by Danish immigration minister Inger Støjberg.  
Civil proceedings against Denmark’s immigration authorities may shed light on the illegal directive that last year led to a number of asylum seekers in Danish facilities being separated from each other against their will. 
Støjberg's Ministry of Immigration acted in February 2016 to forcibly separate all asylum seekers under 18 years of age living in asylum accommodation from their partners. 
The directive issued by Støjberg was later found by parliament's ombudsman to be illegal, since it did not provide for individual case assessments or consultations with affected parties. 
The minister has so far answered to two separate hearings by parliamentary colleagues over the issue.

Syrian couple Rimaz Alkayal, 17, and her husband Alnour Alwan, 26, have decided to apply for legal aid with costs covered by the state, reports newspaper Politiken
The couple have taken the action on the advice of their lawyer Amalie Starch. 
 “If their application is successful, action will be taken against the ministry for injury [against the couple], which can lead to compensation,” Starch told the newspaper. 
The couple were forced to live at separate asylum centres for four months, during which time Alkayal was pregnant. 
They were reunited after an appeal to the parliamentary ombudsman...

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