Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Big Lie Spewed With Impunity By Local Khomeinist At Toronto Al Quds Days Seethe-a-thon

According to this "erudite" Shia cleric, the Jooooz and their sinister financial shenanigans are behind both World Wars as well as a plethora of current crises. For that, they deserve to be, in his word, "eliminated".

It's what Allah promises, after all. And He'd never lie.

Had someone been making similarly genocidal remarks about Muslims, he would have been thrown in the slammer before he even knew what hit him. (What's the line between free speech and hate speech? It's the incitement to kill.) But since it's a Muslim, a member of one of Canada's two most favoured victim groups (Indigenous peoples being the other), he can say whatever he wants about the need to slaughter all the "Zionists," and no one is going to stop him.

Update: Should you have the stomach for it (and, sorry, I don't think I do), Shia TV posts videos of all the Zion-despisers who vented their spleen at this year's Toronto hate-fest. The presence of "Br Manuel Luna" of the "Hugo Chavez Defense Fund" shows A) the general lunacy of speakers; who in their right mind would defend the indefensible Hugo Chavez?, and, B) the nexus between far leftist/Socialist/Marxist loons and the zany Khomeinists.

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