Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Justin Trudeau's Identity Politics Routine: Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

It's the latter--obviously--as Anthony Furey observes in his take-down of Justin's pathetically wimpish Canada Day 150 performance:
After First Nations protesters erected a teepee on Parliament Hill, they held a mean-spirited press conference where they took disrespectful and racist shots at a CBC reporter that would not have been tolerated from any other group. 
Instead of denouncing this needless nastiness, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau granted the protesters a private audience. He then called on all Canadians to respect those who don’t celebrate Canada 150. 
He could have pointed out that these protesters are fringe voices and, in fact, there are many thousands of empowered First Nations entrepreneurs out there making their communities and our whole country more prosperous by their ingenuity. 
Instead he played into their divisions, joining them in frowning on our history: “We recognize that over the past decades, generations, indeed centuries Canada has failed Indigenous peoples.” 
His divisive top adviser Gerald Butts even tweeted out the activist hashtag “reoccupation.” It should not be too much to ask that our own PM and his team stand up for a unified Canada on our 150th birthday.
It should not be, but with this PM, a Liberal squish to the max, God help us all, it is. 

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