Thursday, July 13, 2017

Begging the Question, Why?

Canada was invited--and decided to attend--a meeting of the Organisation of the Islamic Caliphate, er, sorry, Cooperation.

The move begs another question: WTF?

Update: According to this tweet, MP Omar Aghabra went a-schmoozing with the OIC in order to discuss "youth, international peace and development." And, as per this tweet, we learn that another area of discussion was, of course, "Islamophobia."

No worries, then. Not unless you know that "Islamophobia" is a faux pathology that was cooked up to compel critics of Islam to shut-the-h-up, and you have some understanding that "international peace" in the Islamic sense it is the state of affairs that will be in place once Dar al-Islam, the world of Islam, is calling the shots everywhere, forever.

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