Monday, July 10, 2017

Head for the Hills, People, The Terrifying Ontario "Human Rights" Commision Has a New "Strategic Plan"

Would you be shocked to learn that the "new" plan, much like the "old" plan, is replete with the victimhood Marxism which has been at the heart of the commission's work for many years?


Neither was I.

Here's but a taste of the Chief Commissar's, er, sorry, Commissioner's message:
I am consistently amazed by how many people are personally invested in the work of the OHRC and care deeply about our success. They encouraged us to use our unique mandate to address anti-Black racism, Indigenous reconciliation, Islamophobia, the rights of children and youth, and persistent discrimination in employment and in the criminal justice system. They implored us to get at the root of much of today’s inequality: the ever-present risk of poverty faced by people with disabilities, people with diverse gender identities, and many others the Code is meant to protect...
The central question, then, is whether human rights are the starting point to inform all public policy choices, or whether they are dispensable when they conflict with the majority’s will or with other competing priorities or values. The answer is at the heart of broader social movements focused on anti-Black racism, Indigenous reconciliation, Trans rights, workers’ rights, rights for people with disabilities, and sexual violence and women’s equality... 
The OHRC’s role is to expose and address forms of discrimination that are rarely subject to adjudication. This plan reflects my personal belief that, when dealing with systemic discrimination, progress is more likely if we isolate social systems where even small shifts in the landscape can have big ripple-out effects, and then use the breadth of our functions and powers to effect change in those priority areas. The laws of physics apply: the most stagnant and complex systems often need the biggest push if we want to see progress towards substantive equality. 
Through a focus on reconciliation, the criminal justice system, poverty and education, we will address the discriminatory impacts of broader systems of colonialism, state power, resource allocation, and enculturation – which cause nearly all Code-protected groups, especially those with intersectional identities, to be marginalized and to have their disadvantage exacerbated or perpetuated...
The chief commish claims that "human rights" in this province is at a "crossroads"--and, in a way, she's right. We have arrived at the point in time when we must decide, once and for all, if we want to continue to be pushed around by these extreme left busybodies/ bullies, with their Utopian crapola about creating a more virtuous society by erecting a hierarchy of Most Favoured Victim Groups (and which really amounts to an ever-expanding power grab for them and the like-minded), or whether we have the gumption to work together to get 'em to knock it off and leave us in peace.

So, yes, the "law of physics" do indeed apply: We need a critical mass of nay-sayers to band together if we any hope at all of decommissioning these nutty--and very dangerous--nuclear reactors.

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