Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Zionhass/Pro-Palestinian Propaganda On Flagrant Display at Western U

Oh, those Zion-loathing eliminationists--they never, ever let up:
Jewish and pro-Israel groups have called on Canada’s Western University to take down an art exhibit, created by the sister of a Palestinian terrorist, currently being displayed at an on-campus gallery. 
Representatives from Hillel Ontario, which oversees the Hillel Jewish centers at nine universities, and Stand With Us Canada (SWU) were both outraged by Western doctoral candidate Rehab Nazzal’s “Choreographies of Resistance,” described by Nazzal as depicting “the Palestinians’ experiences of resisting colonial violence.” The exhibit is being shown this month at the school’s McIntosh Gallery. 
According to promotional material, the exhibit includes “an installation in which photographic images are projected onto hundreds of handmade slingshots as it pays tribute to Palestinians who have lost their lives in what the artist notes is an ‘intifada, or uprising.'” 
Marc Newburgh, CEO of Hillel Ontario, told The Algemeiner, “We are disgusted by any attempt to justify or glorify Palestinian violence in the guise of art.”...
Nazzal is the sister of Khaled Nazzal, a former leader at the Palestinian Liberation Organization and Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestinian, and one of the people behind the 1974 massacre of 22 Israeli schoolchildren and their three teachers...
"Choreographies of Resistence"?


An Orchestration of Jihad, more like.

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