Friday, January 1, 2010

Hashemite Chutzpah

It really irks Arabs that the Jewish claim to Israel dates all the way back to biblical times. So much so that Israel's enemies (the so-called "moderate" Hashemite kingdom) has asked the Canadian government to "seize" the Dead Sea Scrolls, currently on display at Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum, until the international community can resolve their "disputed" ownership. But since the government of Canada is squarely on the side of democratic Israel and has no problem telling the Jew-loathing internationalistas to take a hike, the request is falling on deaf ears. However, as the Globe and Mail reports,
Even if Canada ignores the request, it will make other countries think twice before accepting the controversial exhibit.
In other words, this is really a strong arm tactic meant to undermine Israel's legitimacy and demonstrate dhimmi timorousness in the face of Islamic bravado--and there's little reason to believe it won't have the desired effect.

Update: Don't look now, but you-know-who are laying claim to Jesus, too.


Josephine said...

Teacher, I couldn't read it all because my head exploded.

Here's a note from my mother.

scaramouche said...

Okay, I'll let you off this time--just 'cause you ma took the trouble to write a note and all.