Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Human Rights" Mausoleum Demands More Shekels From Feds

Think of it as the place where taxpayers' hard-earned dollars go to die--and they still don't have nearly enough to get the tinfoil shrine to victimhood up and running. From the Winnipeg Sun (h/t BCF):
Two of the three levels of government have officially declined a request for more money for the construction of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

While the provincial government has yet to make a decision on additional capital funding, the federal government and the City of Winnipeg have both been approached for funding beyond their original contributions -- $100 million and $20 million, respectively -- but both have denied the request in no uncertain terms.

"They definitely asked for more money. I think the City of Winnipeg has made a significant contribution ... between our cash contribution and our services in kind it was about $20 million. That's a significant contribution to a significant project. I basically told them they should continue to go out there and find private sector money," Mayor Sam Katz told the Winnipeg Sun.

Federal Treasury Board President Vic Toews expressed a similar opinion.

"The government of Canada has been very clear in its discussions with the Friends of the Museum that the federal government will not be contributing additional capital funds for this project," Toews said. "I believe that the $100-million capital contribution and the multi-million dollar commitment to ongoing operational expenses is a very generous expression of our government's commitment to this project."...
The feds should have had the good sense to take a pass on this assinine project from the get-go. My question: is it too late to pull the plug?


Blazingcatfur said...

Evidently we have no "human right" to prevent our money from being squandered on this albatross.

scaramouche said...

Maybe the feds are having second thoughts. Fingers crossed, anyway.