Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fatah's Strange Change of Heart

It seems like only yesterday that Tarek Fatah was fulminating about how Arab distortions had wreaked havoc upon Islam's teachings, and how sharia as practiced in Saudi Arabia (also in Iran) must be banished from modern Islam. But there he was on The Michael Coren Show yesterday, urging Coren and the National Post's John Turley-Ewart to visit Saudi Arabia. The place has really changed, says Fatah. Woman are opening businesses. And the king--he's the one pushing the change, though he's being resisted by those lower down. You must visit, gushed Fatah, you really must!

Funny, I seem to have missed the story about how the custodian of the two holy mosques (sites which, last time I checked, were still strictly off limits to Coren, Turley-Ewart and, indeed, all infidels lest they defile them with their kafir cooties) has renounced "jihad is the way; sharia is the goal"; how he has he suddenly turned over a new non-supremacist, non-sharia leaf. Missed it, because it hasn't happened and will never happen. My question: what, if anything, is behind Fatah's sudden burst of enthusiasm for the Wahhabi king?


TarekFatah said...

Unlike you, I would like Saudi Arabia to change and end its medieval monstrosity. It seems you on the other hand would rather see saudi Arabia continue down its path of murderous sharia laws so it could be held as an example of Muslim madness.

Why would you have a problem with Saudi Arabia becoming a better place and enter the 21st century? From your comment it seems you are disappointed that things ate taking a turn for the better. I am a critic of Islamism hoping to free the people suffering its yolk, but it seems you would love to see that oppression continue. Why is that?

Richard K said...

Does the Wahhabi king like wasabi peas?

truepeers said...


Just how would sending more of our dollars to Saudi Arabia help with the Wahabi funding of Canadian mosques that I hear you often denouncing?

scaramouche said...

Tarek--I have no desire to "see the oppression continue"; quite the opposite in fact. However, everything I have read (and I've read a lot) leads me to believe that the King will say and do whatever it takes to keep the House of Saud in power. And since I know for a fact that the Wahhibis export their far from moderate theology far and wide, to mosques and madrassas around the world, forgive me for doubting that he's a true moderate who seeks to break the totalitarian yoke of sharia, since it's that yoke that keeps him in power.

When Mecca and Medina and open to kafir tourists and I, a Jew with an Israeli stamp in my passport can visit them--then we can talk about genuine "reform:.

V.G.--Don't know about the king's veg preferences, but I have observed on a previous occasion that wasabi is radical horseradish.

Trupeers--Good question. Seems to me it would help enrich the king's coffers, which would enable him to export even more wacky Wahhabism to our parts.

Anonymous said...

Tarek Fatah believes that Islam is not inherently violent and oppressive. He holds that "Islamism" is a distinct perversion that can be removed while leaving the good Islam intact. He is wrong, and the effect is that he acts as an apologist for those who occasionally don a moderate's clothes to gain political advantage.

Mr. Fatah's attitude towards Faisal is similar to those of the Russian peasants who maintained that Stalin meant well, but was surrounded by evil advisers who kept the truth from him.

Unknown said...

I am so sorry I know this is a serious discussion but damn it... just can't stop laughing at this:

" Don't know about the king's veg preferences, but I have observed on a previous occasion that wasabi is radical horseradish".

The above is the best statement I have read all day!!!!

gama said...

Scaramouche your original post talked about Tarek's transgression on the Michael Coren show, apparently shilling for Saudi Arabia { I've not seen that show } compounded by his attack on Wafa Sultan as a signal that Tarek should not be considered a moderate or an ally, that his religion is his downfall ..... Where did those words of wisdom go ?

I responded to that article on BFC's sites,{ linked to your article} following is my response to your pre-swept post :

To question Tarek Fatah's logic or rational on his views is a healthy part of any debate .
However to demand that he completely forsakes his religion to gain credentials in our camp,proclaim him enemy to the cause if he doesn't is reminiscent of a lynch mob .
Is Fatah's principled and courageous voice in the wilderness, to be silenced,ignored and shunned ? His vociferous criticism of the agenda of the established Muslim lobby , his boisterous exposition of their pro-jihad,pro-shariah agenda is worth it's weight in gold. He speaks truth about the ' go to ' Muslim darlings of MSM, mocking their motivations at every opportunity.
The truncheons of heresy,blasphemy and apostasy are constant threats in his life. Do we need to nipping at his ankles as well ?
Let's debate his logic on views we disagree with , but forgo labelling him persona non grata, shall we !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TarekFatah said...

There is a sea-change going on in Saudi Arabia; convulsions that could break up the vast kingdom. Civil war in the south, unrest in the east and an American educated secular intelligentsia that is openly writing that the Kingdom separate religion and state. It would be a pretty dumb and mediocre journalist not to find these developments exciting and worthy of close attention, but I guess a six-pack deserves more attention as we watch UFC mixed martial arts and piss on Islam and Muslims rather than be where 0ur planet itself could change.

Getting consumed by a hatred will only serve your addiction, not resolve the underlying cause. Feel free to hurl abuse at me and question my integrity. It does not matter to me because in the larger scheme of things, Islam-haters will have little effect on the developments. Bin Laden wants Quran burnings, join him in whooping it up. Bin Laden wants you to hurl insults at Muslims, you provide that too. Its your choice. If it makes your day to insult me, be my guest as this does not make me upset or happy.

Cheers and look beyond your front yard. There is a whole world of six billion people and most of them are hungry and angry. They could easily erupt into an all-out free style UFC free-for-all.