Sunday, September 19, 2010

'Moud Music

In "honour" of Ahmadumbjackass's return to NYC and his "discussions" with an appallingly receptive Ban Ki-Moon, I'm reviving the theme from 'Moud, er, Maud:

Ayatollah Khomeini was a bit of a zany.
He didn’t care if the whole world croaked.
Jimmy Carter helped to get him started--
Said holy rollah oughtta go for broke.
Twelfth imam--don’t know where he'll come from;
Ain’t ya glad he’ll return?
And when Obama's reachin’ out his hands
That just shows lefty's never learn.
And then there’s ‘Moud.
(And then there’s ‘Moud.)
And then there’s 'Moud.
(And then there’s ‘Moud.)
And then there's 'Moud.
And then there's...
Kooky, nukey, his success is not so flukey,
Bite me, ‘Moud.

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