Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Alice's Atrocious Ark

American Thinker Dan Gordon feels a connection to author Alice Walker, but says she's sailing in the wrong direction:
I feel a good deal of kinship with Ms. Walker. She is sixty-seven. On my next birthday I will be a sixty-five-year-old grandfather. She has chosen to put her life at risk sailing with a flotilla of provocateurs; I choose to put my life at risk continuing to serve as an officer in the Israel Defense Forces. We are, both of us, storytellers, though my writing falls short of the grace and sense of poetry I so admire in hers. She marched in the Civil Rights Movement. So did I. She stood in defiance of police batons for what she believed in. So did I. She maintains, and I believe her, that her greatest concern is with children. Having lost my firstborn son at the age of twenty-two, so is mine. 
In her blog, Ms. Walker could easily have been speaking for other well-meaning people who are supporting, I believe blindly, an action whose sole real purpose is to make it easier for terrorists to get advanced weaponry. In her blog she stated as her reason for attempting to break the Israeli naval quarantine of Gaza, "We must do everything in our power to cease the behavior that makes children everywhere afraid." 
The truth, however, is that this flotilla, and the actions of Ms. Walker and her compatriots, is behavior that will not only make the children of Southern Israel afraid, it will help murder them. That is not hyperbole, nor is it a question of theoretical murder. It is real. It is actual, and if, Heaven forbid, they are successful in breaking the Israeli naval quarantine meant to deny advanced weapons to internationally recognized terrorists, those murders will be a byproduct of their horrifically misguided actions.

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