Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ban Ki Moon, Clueless Git

Here's an "Acting Deputy Spokesperson" (what an exalted position, eh?) 'splaining why the UN Sec'y-Gen would hive-five an obvious fraud of an anti-terrorism conference (really, an exercise in Shia triumphalism/supremacism) being held in Tehran:
...In fact there is a message that was delivered on his behalf. Obviously, the Secretary-General did not deliver it first-hand; but a message has been delivered on his behalf. We are getting the text, and we’ll put that out in fact this afternoon. As you know, the Secretary-General believes that all nations, all peoples are affected by terrorism; and that it is imperative that we involved as many States, as many peoples as possible in the fight against terrorism.
And he thinks "involving" Holocaust-denying, genocide-and-terrorism-promoting Tehran is the way to go about it?

Don't tell me--his first name is really Neville, right?

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