Saturday, June 25, 2011

Damian's Bad Omen

Damian Godard, the rogersportsnet host who was handed his walking papers after he "tweeted" his support for the traditional understanding of marriage (one man, one woman), said on Brian Lilley's Byline yesterday that he plans to make a complaint to a "human rights" commission.

Bad move, dude. Not only does "white Catholic male" not qualify as a special victim group, but there's a good chance that, under the system as it stands, you could well be a target of a complaint for your "homophobia." (Not that I think you are homophobic, but, as we know from the way Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been pilloried for eschewing this year's Pride Parade, these days one must be seen to be enthusiastically pro-LGBT in order to be considered a non-homophobe.) Also, why would any sentient Canadian want to validate our domestic Inquisitions?

No, it's best to take your gripe--it's a "wrongful dismissal," no?--to a real court. And make sure you yourself get a good lawyer, 'kay?

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