Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sun TV Reporters Fail to See the Obvious

Evidence that not even Sun News TV is immune to PC: this afternoon I heard two reporters say there is no evidence so far that anything having to do with religion or culture was implicated on the barbaric attack on a B.C. woman by her husband while on a visit to Bangladesh, where both are from. However, that's not the inference one draws from this:
Syeed allegedly gouged out Manzur’s eyes and bit her face and nose. He told police he tried to kill his wife because of jealousy over her education in Canada.
Let's see. Muslim chick. Fulbright scholar. Working toward her Masters degree at UBC. Husband waits until they get to Bangladesh, a county which heeds Islamic law (and is therefore likely to cut him tons of slack if he accuses her of adultery), until unleashing his wrath on the uppity woman whose educational pursuits he reportedly despises

Nope. Nothing "religious" or "cultural" about that.

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