Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Despite Comped Trip to Israel, UCC Hews To Its Old Zion-Loathing Ways

Remember how Bernie Farber of the newly-defunct Ceej (now candidate Farber of Thornhill) insisted that the United Church of Canada was bound to see the light about Israel and renounce its BDS proclivities once church mucky-mucks has been given a guided tour of ha'aretz (a trip paid for by the Jews)?

No such luck.

Update: The UCC is hot for the flotilla:
Since 1967 Israel has illegally occupied the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. The United Church of Canada works with Middle East and global ecumenical partners to respond to the humanitarian needs of the Palestinian people, and to work non-violently for an end to the occupation. This is an urgent and necessary first step towards a just peace in for both peoples in Israel and Palestine.
Nothing illegal about it. Israel was attacked, defeated its foes, and was rebuffed at the time when it tried to give back land for peace.

The UCC is a Zion-loathing entity which will never--I repeat never--change its spots.

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