Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A New Victim Group--'Expats'--Rears Its Head

The poster boy for expats, Michael Ignatieff, claims in the Globe and Mail that his bid to lead the land was motivated not by an unslakable thirst for power, but by a selfless desire to help "Canadians of convenience" feel fully Canadian:
...It was when I decided to go into politics that coming home turned into a war. All politics is local, and the question then became, “Are you one of us?” I spent five years fighting to prove I belonged, while my opponents stopped at nothing to prove I didn’t. Just in it for myself. Just visiting. Not here for you.
There was a weird insinuation: Why would anyone come home, unless you were in it just for your self?
I fought back, with the means at hand. I was fighting my own corner, of course, but I did want to win for all the other expatriates who think we’re just as Canadian as anyone else...
Clearly, those Tory "attack ads" questioning why Canadians should vote for a guy the Liberals helicoptered in, an Iggy ex machina, are still smarting.

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