Friday, June 24, 2011

Is Thomas L. Friedman's Giddy Romance With the 'Arab Spring' Finito?

Sounds like it:
There is something crazy about what is going on in our country today. Our fiscal condition continues on an unsustainable path, the European currency is heading for a crackup, the Arab world is in the midst of a crackup, unemployment is creeping upward and basically our two parties are telling us that they will not make the reforms that we know are necessary because it would involve too much pain and could imperil their chances of winning the presidency in 2012.
A crackup, eh? And it seems like only yesterday that TLF had such high (and high-falutin') hopes for what Tahrir Square supposedly betokened.

In his most recent conversation with Hugh Hewitt, Mark Steyn said that the Times wise guy is "about the world's worst prose stylist." I'd say the above para is evidence of that--as well as of his muddled thinking. (The Arab world's "crackup" a sign of something "crazy" in America? If you say so, Tom.)

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