Wednesday, June 29, 2011

'The Nanny State Has No Business in the Bedrooms of the Nation'

That, more or less, is the famous pronouncement of an infamous hopenchangemeister, the man who made Canada what it is today (i.e. "human rights"-crazed; mired in the multiculti). Mark Steyn articulates the purpose of the state's hands-off (no pun intended) approach to bedrooms: it's because if you're having a good time in that one particular room, you likely won't notice when the state stakes its claim on the rest of your house:
Big Nanny statists talk up liberty in one area only: sex. Or, more precisely, sexual identity. And the expansion of sexual liberty has provided a cover for its shriveling in almost every other sphere, from property rights to freedom of expression. As I say somewhere in my soon to be imminently forthcoming book, in a world ever more micro-regulated by the likes of [NYC Mayor Michael] Bloomberg, sexual license is one of the few things you don’t need a license for. For some of us, that’s not enough.
In other words, just 'cause you're free to let it all hang out in the Pride parade doesn't mean you're free.

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