Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saskatchewan's Move Don't Impress Me Much

Eternal the-glass-is-half-full optimist Ezra Levant is impressed that the province of Saskatchewan, for one, seems to be moving in the right direction, "human rights"-wise. The province has decided to dump part of its "human rights" apparatus--its "human rights" tribunal. (That's the kangaroo court part that hears cases when the shakedown part, the "human rights" commission, has failed in its shakedown). But since the other (the shakedown) half remains, and since the province has up and appointed three--count 'em, three--new shakedown artistes who are supposed to help "revitalize" the racket, it's hard to discern a whole lot of progress here.

When a province and/or terrority comes to its senses and dismantles the entire rickety "human rights" apparatus--the shakedown artistes and the kangaroo judges--lemme know and I'll be first in line to cheer.

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Man with Hat said...

If it will be done, when the Wildrose Alliance wins Alberta and returns her to her conservative roots, they have proclaimed to dismantle the AHRC. Of course so did Hudak and he has less of a chance of winning.