Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's a "Moderate" Kind of Sharia, I Guess

Malaysia, a "moderate" Islamic nation, is mulling over a plan to reward husbands with multiple wives (a state of affairs allowed for under the terms of Islamic law) who treat their womenfolk well.


Carlos Perera said...

Wait, let me get this straight: Having to deal with additional wives is a _reward_?! I'll have to cogitate on this for a while, to see if it makes sense. (Just kidding, Dear, if you read this . . . ha-ha.)

scaramouche said...

You don't have to apologize. Having watched Big Love on TV (and being a wife myself lo these many years) it beats the heck out of me why any man would want to take on more than one wife.

Carlos Perera said...

Actually, my parenthetical apology--which, I hasten to reiterate, is totally sincere--was directed at my wife (the "Dear" to whom it was addressed), who often reads your site and the comments. Goodness knows that, if all four of the wives permitted to me by Sharia were perfect clones of her, I would _immediately_ petition the Malaysian government for the bag limit. (This last, I also hasten to add, is a _hunting_ term.)