Monday, June 27, 2011

Babsy Hall's "Human Rights" Racket Gets Its Paws on Policing

What a revoltin' development this is:
Human Rights and Policing Guide launched 
Toronto– As part of its ongoing work with police across the province, the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) today releases a new guide. Human rights and policing: creating and sustaining organizational change aims to encourage and support police services across Ontario in building human rights into all their work.
The guide was inspired by the OHRC’s project charter work with the Toronto Police Service, the Toronto Police Services Board, Ontario Police College and most recently, Windsor Police Service. Chief Commissioner Barbara Hall said, “Through that work, we gained valuable insight on how police services across the province can apply human rights principles at all levels of their organization. And that in turn, enabled us to jointly develop this new tool to help police services in Ontario build a human rights culture within their organizations.”
The guide defines and explains some of the key human rights terms and principles and includes several best practices to help police better serve the needs of Ontario’s increasingly diverse communities through inclusive police services and addressing human rights issues before they happen. It also offers advice on how to incorporate a human rights lens in every part of a police service, including internal staffing and training. While the guide refers to experiences from the Toronto Police Service human rights work, it also provides direction on how these can be applied in services of all sizes across Ontario.
I'm all for police taking heed of an individual's rights--his/her real civil rights (i.e. the right to be free from persecution by the state). The idea of police inculcating a Hall-decreed "human rights culture" (a culture of sucking up to designated victim groups; a culture of interfaithy squish) make me feel more than a little nauseous.

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Paul said...

"addressing human rights issues before they happen."

A complete violation of our system of law and order (justice), as we know it.

[ie. proactive vs. reactive]

Reeks of the same sh*t Bugsy tried to pull a few years ago staffing the HRCs with inquisitors to go after basement Nazis and Infidel Islamaphobes.