Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bozo the Queer

Any queer who insists on parading against the only queer-friendly country in the Middle East (a region where queers often find themselves on the receiving end of a noose or a series of large, fatal stones) has got to be the stupidest queer in the world. Exhibit A: Tim McCaskell, member of that collection of self-righteous buffoons who rally under the Queers Against Israeli Apartheid banner. Tim is delighted that at the last minute QuAIA has been given the go-ahead to march in Sunday's Pride parade. As he tells the Toronto Star
Pride is a very broad tent. People may disagree with each other on a whole range of issues but we’re all queer and we all face homophobia and transphobia...This is an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to human rights, not just for gay people, but for everyone.
Dear Tim: You do know what's under "a very broad tent," don't you? A circus. Which come to think of it is the perfect place for all you Zion-loathing Bozos.

Update: A poem for the Bozos:

A message for all QuAIA queers:
You're simply mistaken, my dears.
That "apartheid" allegation's
A prevarication.
So take your heads out of your rears.

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