Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shall We Compare Canadian Broadcast Standards Council Rulings?

Hack censors to a mouthy conservative who said something off-colour in Spanish on his TV show: Shut the eff up, Ezra!

Hack censors to a noted Pakistani imam/Holocaust denier who urged TV viewers to wage jihad: Preach away, imam, as long as you don't raise your voice and do so within "the context" of the Koran.

The two rulings make it clear to all which variety of speech the CBSC believes is--and is not--blasphemous.

Mouthy right-winger gets a dressing down from hack broadcasting censors (they didn't like his content or his "tone"). On the other hand the censors had no problemo with the avowed jihadist (who has since passed on to his eternal reward) depicted below

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