Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Victory for Sharia is NOT a Win for Democracy

This is the sanest thing I've read (so far) about the Muslim Brotherhood's victory in Egypt:
As the Bush administration learned when it attempted to foster Palestinian democracy, elections are meaningless if the only choices are corrupt authoritarians and Islamists. That is just as true today in Egypt when it comes to the military and the Muslim Brotherhood as it was for the Palestinians when their options were Fatah and Hamas. When those opposed to democracy win elections, the result is not democracy.
So true. And Barack Obama's words on the occasion of a sharia proponent's big win in Egypt are every bit as cringe-worthy as Bush's asinine comments on the occasion of Hamas's 2006 election triumph.

Update: The win in Egypt is one small step for the Brotherhood; one giant leap for the caliphate.

Update: Frank Gaffney writes:
Subterfuge, subversion and sedition in the name of Shariah are the tradecraft of the Muslim Brotherhood. Team Obama's enabling of the Brothers' ascendancy in Egypt and its embrace of their operatives and those of other Islamist organizations in this country (see MuslimBrotherhoodinAmerica.com) is, if not actually illegal, certainly dangerous in the extreme.

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