Monday, June 18, 2012

Greece Avoids "Drachmageddon"

Drachmageddon--good one! That said, will the EUnuchs be able to stave off a Euro-caplyse?

Update: Brainiac NYT opiner Paul Krugman says that only a change of behaviour in Brussels will solve the Greek crisis.

Me, I'm not in the Krugman class of genius, but I can't help but think that it's Athens, not Brussels, that most needs to amend its behaviour.

Update: The invaluable David Pryce-Jones writes:
The masters of Europe have always been a small band of men determined to impose their idealized political vision even if this proved akin to a dictatorship. Fortunately stopping short of violence, they were very like the Bolsheviks in mistaking their fantasy of unity for reality. It took eighty years and much suffering to be rid of the Bolshevik fantasy. The best that can be said of this election is that if the Greeks don’t manage to rid themselves of the euro fantasy others will do it for them.

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