Sunday, June 17, 2012

Memo to Hand-Wringing "Tikkun Olam-y" Jews Who Decry the Government's Refugee Bill: You're Barking Up the Wrong St. Louis

Berger, Farber and Ruby: sounds like trio of Tin Pan Alley songsmiths, or a firm of accountants, no? Actually, it is neither. It's a trifecta of lefty Jews who are perfectly content to allow refugees of dubious provenance, often places where Zionhass is not only endemic but rampant, to game Canada's notoriously gameable and corrupt refugee system. They do so in the misguided belief that, for reasons of WW2-era closed door policies to Jewry, along with that old succubus "tikkum olam," it is incumbant on Jews to advocate on all refugees' behalf. Here's how the trifecta of thickness put it in a recent Globe and Mail op-ed piece:
Judaism teaches the concept of “ tikkun olam,” an exhortation to repair the world. If passed, Bill C-31 would be antithetical to these values. It is our hope that as Canadians hear more about the dangers of this legislation, they too will not stand by as refugees lose basic health care and persecuted groups or individuals are sent back to face violence in their home countries.
Today, we go on record as Jews and descendants of immigrants to say that we oppose cuts to refugee health care and the designation of so-called “safe” countries. Denying other human beings health care and a haven based on their country of origin is simply wrong. As Jews and human rights activists, we know well that countries deemed safe for the majority can be deadly for some minorities.
Oh, brother. There they go again, boarding what Mark Steyn in his latest Maclean's piece calls the Good Ship Stupid--and going down with the leaky vessel.

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