Thursday, June 28, 2012

"We don’t need to f—ing prove anything to anybody about costs"

"Eloquent" union boss Jimmy Hazel comments on revelations re the outrageous fees he charges the Toronto District School Board for upkeep services ("$143 to install a pencil sharpener, $2,900 to install an electrical outlet, that kind of thing").

Update: "The Maintenance and Construction Skilled Trades Council (MCSTC) represents a completely different approach to union representation and public sector service. We represent not only one trade, as in traditional unions, but over 20 individual trades, encompassing every facet of service. This unique structure allows total flexibility within the system, enabling us to provide the best building services at the most competitive rates..."

Update: "We have nothing to cut," claims School Trustee Cathy Dandy about the tapped-out, mismanaged Toronto public school system. For starters, Ms. Dandy, how about cutting the cost of electrical outlet installations?

Update: Jimmy Hazel's gift graft.

$2,900 to install one of these? Quel bargoon!

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