Sunday, June 17, 2012

Is Justin Trudeau the William Hung of Canadian Politics?

Maybe. David Warren writes:
Even in bankruptcy, our Nanny States are flourishing, because the red ink doesn’t interest us. It is boring, except when it is used as an excuse to restrict our entitlements, in which case we riot.
What does interest us, in politics, is political personalities. That is what made Obama president. That is why Mulcair has a job. That is why little Justin Trudeau, pathetically unsuited to public office, and unequal even to the requirements of parliamentary behaviour, commands national attention in a third-party leadership race. Because our politics have sunk to the level of American Idol.
We have real problems to face, and we have solemnly decided not to face them.
Proposed slogan for Justin Trudeau's leadership campaign: He bangs!

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