Friday, June 29, 2012

Obami Gloating About Sneaking Obamacare Through Via the Argument That It's a Tax? WTF?!?

In the wake of his great Supreme Court victory, Obama or one of his minions tweeted on the POTUS's official twitter account that the decision is a "BFD" (expletive included but initialized). Kathryn Jean Lopez, who notes the tweet, also notes that the T shown below is still on offer at the official re-elect Obama website store:

The sight of which prompts KJ to remark:
Makes you want to work a little harder for the other guy, doesn’t it? There may be some overreach in gloating, especially when you are gloating about a hefty tax increase when so many Americans are feeling tremendous economic burdens, that you insisted was nothing of the sort.

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