Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mega-Shockeroo (Not)--Arabs Keen for More Sharia

From onIslam:
CAIRO – Arab women and men favor Islamic Shari`ah to play a bigger role in legislation in their countries and that devout men are more likely to support women’s rights than those who are less religious, a new survey has found.

“The majority of women and men across countries experiencing political upheaval do want some level of religious influence in law,” the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies said in a new report.

“Those who want no legislative role at all for Shari`ah are in a small minority in every country.”
The report, “After the Arab Uprising: Women on Rights, Religion and Rebuilding”, found that 44% of women in Egypt want Shari`ah as the only source of legislation in the country...
Of course those "devout men" support "women's rights." But they are the "rights" established under sharia (er, sorry, Shari'ah). They are therefore entirely different than the equal rights men and women are promised in the West, and the equality before the law set out in the UN's foundational document, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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