Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's a Marshmallow World in the Summer

I don't know how it works in your family, but in mine displays of public nekkidness, sexual intercourse and S&M are in no way considered "inclusive and family-friendly," even if that's how Pride organizers and others like to position things. Here's one Pride event, however, that does sound a lot more "family-friendly":
Saturday, June 30 @ 11:30am

Come join the fun on this fabulous musical adventure to find Marshmallow Island. This special show adaptation for Pride features a musical frog named Larry who’s gone in search of his missing Dad’s! Meet all the hilarious characters who colour the show with a splash of silly. This Adventure in World Music blends multicultural music themes and interactive audience participation! Featuring incredible sound effects and unique instruments from around the world. Bring the whole family to laugh and learn together as we track down ‘The Legend of Marshmallow Island’. 
As enjoyable as that sounds, I think I'll have to pass.

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