Friday, June 29, 2012

The Leftard Press Does Yeoman's Work Downplaying the MuBro Threat

The Muslim Brotherhood wins big in Egypt? Don't worry. There are a lot of "myths" out there about the Ikwan and its intentions. And, for now at least, it is "shelving" its Islamization plans, which marks a "big change in strategy". (Quel relief, eh?) And isn't it nice to see Egyptians packing Tahrir Square again? Why, it brings back those heady first days of the "Arab Spring."

On the other hand, perhaps this might give you pause--along with a bracing dose of reality.

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Carlos Perera said...

When Moynihan wrote his famous essay, "Defining Deviancy Down," he was, of course, referring to the increased acceptance of antisocial and criminal behavior in American society since the 1960s. However, his thesis can easily be generalized to the phenomenon of terrorism (at least when committed by "victim" groups, as defined by the Leftist intelligentsia and their running dogs in the MSM).

Apparently, terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, with their unholy blend of Nazi anti-Semitism with old-fashioned Moslem anti-Semitism and jihadism, are now quite respectable in the universities, the U. S. State Department, and the White House.

If Leon Uris were trying to publish _Exodus_ in today's inverted moral universe, he would have to rewrite Ari Ben Canaan as a villain and make the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem the hero-protagonist to get it accepted. (Dov Landau would also have to be rewritten as a proud Jewish homosexual who gravitates to the Arab cause . . . but I digress.)