Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Strange Sheet Fellows: Jew-Hatred Breeds a Freaky Alliance Between (Some) Blacks and the KKK

That's the proposed title of an exhibit you won't be seeing in Canada's shrine to victimhood, the "human rights" mausoleum; how could curators possibly explain such a reality when, according to "human rights" ideology (a mixture of leftist sophistry and Marxist cant), members of a downtrodden victim group are said to be incapable of hatred and prejudice? Nonetheless, it's here and it's clear:
Just like the alliance between the Islamists and the radical Left, the new alliance between the White Supremacists and the Black Supremacists seems absurd but really isn’t: In both cases, the seemingly vast differences between the sides are trumped by the power of their shared Jew-hatred. And these two alliances are not at all unrelated: There is, of course, already a powerful alliance between the Black Power movement and the Islamist movement, epitomized by Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam. It is clear to anyone following the current trends that very soon, all four of these groups — the radical Left, the Islamists, the Black Supremacists, and the White Supremacists — will all be united in a common offensive against the Jews and Israel.

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RickAtNight said...

The worlds failures will always need someone to blame, Jews, Asians, Caucasians, Christians, Hindus, pick any group that's smarter/richer/more accomplished. Nothing will ever change this. What has changed is the willingness of the successful to roll over and accept this nonsense in atonement for its pathological guilt.