Thursday, June 21, 2012

Romeo Dallaire Shakes Hands With the Devil (Again)

Former Canadian military dude Romeo Dallaire, who's now got the cushiest gig in the land (he's a senator), is heading to Gitmo with Omar Khadr's lawyers to try to spring our homie Omie. Dallaire, who is famous for helming the feckless team of UN "peacekeepers" that could do nada to stop the Hutus from slaughtering the Tutsis (a debacle documented in his bestselling book), believes that Omar was a "child soldier," and thus should never have been incarcerated in the first place; Dallaire even penned an essay on that theme in the fans-of-Omie book, Omar Khadr, Oh Canada. (Ezra Levant's book about Khadr offers proof that Omar's as much a "child soldier" as Al Qaeda is a legitimate army.)

Just goes to show that you can be a former UN "peacekeeping" chief, rise to the rank of Lieutenant-Governor in the Canadian military, sit in Canada's upper chamber, and still be as clueless as all get out.

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paladin3001 said...

Small correction. it's General, not Governor.