Friday, November 23, 2012

CIJA Chair Urges Hamas to Become More Like--Wait for it--Anwar Sadat

Sometimes I wonder what sort of pixie dust Official Jews have been inhaling; the sort with hallucinogenic properties, no doubt. Asking Hamas--Hamas!!--which is in the midst of waging a jihad against the Jews, and whose Egyptian branch bears responsibility for murdering Anwar Sadat, to act more like the dude one of its like-minded brothers assassinated is like asking a leopard to change its spots, a zebra to change its stripes, or the Toronto Star (where this "brilliant" idea appears) to sack Harpoon Siddiqui for flagrant Zionhass.

In other words, it's an exercise in foolishness and futility.

In a word: nope

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Frances said...

Would love to see Mme. Sadat's reaction to that particular nonsense. In her book, "A Woman of Egypt", she was fairly scathing when writing about the Brotherhood.