Saturday, November 24, 2012

Elshobargy on the Argy-Bargy

Man, is the latest Canadian Islamic Congress chief cheesed off about Gaza. Here he is, working up a headful of steam--and rushing frantically to Hamas's defence--in the CIC's Friday Magazine:
Another pervasive mantra going around sounds like: “HAMAS – the terrorist group controlling Gaza – is responsible for the escalation of violence.” 
Phrases like these are already sounding depressingly familiar in the current crisis. 
Do we really need our leading diplomats or a Secretary of State to say these things? If I were new to politics, especially to the Middle Eastern scenario, I would be left with the impression that the entire conflict was initiated by a bunch of thugs born to be terrorists; hooligans seemingly allergic to peace and reverence for life; bad actors who get their kicks from disturbing, even traumatizing, their peace-loving neighbours! 
But such an idiotic perception of the world’s hottest conflict, a conflict over the only remaining army-occupied land in the region, cannot possibly be true. Those who cling to this perception urgently need to read the history of the conflict and educate themselves about the real facts – the “facts on the ground” as politicians on all sides are so fond of saying. In this article, I do not endorse one “side” over another, but rather urge all – in particular our governments – to take it seriously. 
Once again we are trapped, intentionally or unintentionally, in a vicious cycle of incidental violence and unnecessary killings. Yet these tragic elements are but symptoms of the deeper disease and it is long past time that we come to terms with the roots and causes of such a persistent recurrence. First of all: those who are chronically deprived of water, electricity, basic rights of mobility; those who have lost their homes, ancestral lands, employment and loved ones; and those continually besieged by a foreign army cannot be expected to digest yet another lecture about their occupier’s right to defend itself.
Yeah, those recurring "lectures"--they really suck, eh?

Um, the Big Kahuna knows that Gaza is Judenrein and Hamas is firmly in control there, doesn't he? Because from the sound of it, he thinks it's still Israeli "army-occupied." Also, I seem to recall hearing something about Hamas firing hundreds upon hundreds of rockets into southern Israel. But then I guess Mr. E. wouldn't see that as a provocation so much as part of the "resistance" to the non-occupation "occupation".

Update: Here's a seasonal song for Mr. E.:

Missiles fling: see 'em flying
As the Jooos they're decrying.
A terrible sight
To give 'em a fright.
Rockets in a Gaza hinterland.

Go away, all you Jewry.
Here to stay: jihad's fury.
Such devil-may-care,
They don't want us there.
Rockets in a Gaza hinterland.

In the secret tunnels they will smuggle
All the shiny weapons from Iran.
It's to help Hamas pursue the "struggle".
Remooovin' all the Jooos is what they plan.

Later on they'll perspire
As they restart their fire.
They'll keep keepin' on
Till Israel's gone.
Rockets in a Gaza hinterland.

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