Tuesday, November 20, 2012

VDH on Why Benghazi Will Soon Be "Gate"-less

Sans a curious and uncorrupted press, Benghazi's a dead end, he says:
Where does all this lead? 
I think nowhere. Unlike in the cases of Watergate and Iran-Contra, there is no investigative press, given the media’s worry about endangering the second-term agenda of a progressive president. There is no special prosecutor salivating after a government official, as there was with Scooter Libby. “The fog of war” and accusations of “Conspiracy theory!” should be enough to bury the scandal and discredit those who seek the truth. Modifying a CIA analysis for political purposes is probably no crime. Quid pro quos are simply the polite, everyday — and legal — Washington version of blackmail. In the end, the only casualties in this sordid tale were the sterling career of David Petraeus — and four murdered Americans whose deaths were preventable.
The hysteria surrounding the picayune Scooter Libby affair versus the incuriosity re four dead Americans slain by holy warriors in an Arab backwater: rather puts things into perspective (and makes one sick), no?

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