Monday, November 26, 2012

How's That Extreme Social Engineering/Gender Blurring Working Out for You, Sweden?

As Thomas Pascoe writes in the Telegraph, not so well, really, especially for the chicks:
The point is not that the Swedish experiment of treating women as men has been a failure, but that it has succeeded. As Natasha Walter argued persuasively in Living Dolls, the result of stripping women of their social roles as mothers has not been the development of a new balance in society which still respects women, but rather a sexual nihilism with which most women are instinctively uncomfortable. When all other points of differentiation are stripped away, what is left between the sexes is purely physical. As a result, we see a rise of a tits-and-ass culture that emphasises the physical because there is nothing else left. Women should have no doors barred to them in life, but a relentless focus on image does them no favours.
You mean to say that blurring gender lines has had the effect of turning chicks into sex objects?

Rather ironic--and instructive--that, no?

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