Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Forbearance"? Tell It to the Banu Qurayza, Mr. U of T Muslim Chaplain

Interviewed by Toronto Life, University of Toronto Muslim Chaplain Amjad Tarsin expatiates on the subject of an offensive film and reactions to it (my italics):
I’m sure you’ve heard about the people who want to screen Innocence of Muslims here. Should they be allowed?
I haven’t seen the film, but my understanding is that it’s an unfortunate, unproductive sort of expression. You know, the Prophet lived with people who mocked and ridiculed him, and he was forbearing and patient and didn’t respond in a negative way. That’s my inspiration.
Actually, chaplain, he gave orders to chop off the heads of the men of an entire Jewish tribe (who declined his kind invitation to acknowledge him as "the seal of the prophets"). So much for his "patience" and "forbearance."

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