Saturday, November 24, 2012

Truth-Teller Salim Mansur on the Real Age and Source of the Israel-Palestinian Conflict

The learned professor, who visited Israel not too long ago, observes that the impetus of the "decades old conflict" is very, very old indeed:
Sitting in the shadow of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem one evening when visiting Israel, it became strikingly clear to me, as it is to most Israelis, that the ground zero of the millennial conflict between Islam and the West is right where I sat. 
Islamists have made it amply clear, and the vast majority of Muslims support them, that this millennial conflict will not cease until Israel is annihilated. 
Those Muslims small in numbers who repudiate such obscenity are in turn repudiated, ostracized, or killed as apostates from Islam.
Kudos to Mansur, a gentleman who has repeatedly shown that he's unafraid to speak truth to "the vast majority" within his faith. Would that we Jews gave honours and prizes to him instead of to, say, Tarek Fatah.
Update: Tragically, this is Mansur's final Sun column.


Carlos Perera said...

Don't be silly Scaramouche: Salim Mansur does not fit the paradigm of the aggrieved post-colonial person of color. No respectable "liberal" group, Jewish or otherwise, will ever recognize his commonsensical analysis of the Moslem jihad against Israel. That whole unpleasant reality thing just doesn't work for libs.

scaramouche said...

You're right. Silly moi. What was I thinking? ;)