Friday, November 30, 2012

Mahmoud "Maria" Abbas Sings a Song From "West Bank Story"

I feel lucky,
Oh, so lucky.
I feel lucky, and plucky and wise.
And it's ducky
That the world has fallen for my lies.
I feel puissant,
Oh, so puissant.
It's quite recent
How puissant
I feel.
And so lucky
That an end to occupation's real.
See the white-haired bloke in that mirror there?
Who can than well-coiffured man be?
Such a perfect time,
Such a perfect plan,
Such a perfect scam,
Such a perfect me!
I feel giddy,
Oh, so giddy,
Feel like grinning;
I'm winning again!
For I got approbation at the UN!

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