Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What Would Arabs Do Without Their Mutual Loathing of Israel to Unite Them?

Similarly, what would people do without the "savants" of the Toronto Star?

Update: On the subject of contempt for Israel being the one thing Arabs and other Middle East Muslims can agree on, George Jonas wrote back in August that
Hatred against Israel, kept on a low boil, is the organizing principle of the Middle East. It’s the region’s main fuel of governance; often its only fuel. Some ruling regimes — kings, dictators, whatever — may have oil wells and sandy beaches, but other than hating Israel (and looking after their families and tribes) they have few if any ideas. If they do, chances are it’s to hate some other group in addition to Israel. 
In the Middle East a country’s national purpose often amounts to little more than a list of its enemies. A feeling of being ill-done by dominates the consciousness of groups and individuals. Since it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, it’s not necessarily baseless: The easiest way to have an enemy is to be one. 
The centrality of hatred to the culture is remarkable. The Cartesian idea is “I hate, therefore I am.” Self-righteousness is overwhelming: each desire thwarted becomes an example of justice denied. It’s not a pretty place, but millions call it home. 
In many ways, Israel is a godsend to the one-trick ponies who rule the region...
The "one-trick ponies" who long to sing "happy trails to you" to the impudent/eee-ville "Zionist entity."

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