Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Deep-Thinker"/Pseudo-Zionist Peter Beinart "Solves" the Gaza Problem

The man's as clueless as it gets:
Israel "can get tough on Hamas" and weaken it politically by working with the Palestinian Authority -- which is dominated by Hamas' rival, Fatah -- toward creating an Israel and Palestinian state, wrote Peter Beinart for the Daily Beast. 
"The problem is that in order to make Hamas suffer for opposing the two-state solution, Israel's government would have to truly embrace that solution," he wrote. 
But he didn't hold out any hope that Israel would do that. 
"Taking a hard line against Hamas requires taking a hard line against the settlements -- and at the end of the day, this Israeli government is soft on them both," he wrote.
Yeah, it's all Israel's fault, Pete. (Funny, but isn't that what Israel's enemies believe too?)

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