Thursday, November 22, 2012

Did Harpoon Siddiqui, the Toronto Star's In-House Shill for Islamism and Islamic Triumphalism, Just Call Hamas "Indispensible"?

Why, yes; yes he did. (Isn't it long past time that the Star started including barf bags in the paper version of its paper?)

Update: Just dashed off this letter:
Grand Ayatollahs, who delight in supplying Hamas with missiles with which to terrorize Israeli civilians, may see Hamas as "indispensible." So, too, may pundits such as the Toronto Star's Haroon Siddiqui, who had the chutzpah to employ the "i" word in connection with an organization that somehow manages to pledge allegiance to two of the most anti-Jewish regimes on the planet--Iran and Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood. But for those who yet dream of seeing a genuine peace come to pass in the Middle East--one that, contra Ayatollahs, certain newspaper columnists and Muslim Brotherhood members, includes a Jewish state with secure borders--Hamas is the opposite of "indispensible."
Which is to say, it and its odious ideology are about as dispensible as it gets. 
Update: Harpoon croons a Nat King Cole tune to Hamas:

That's what you are.
So you'll go far.
Resolute Hamas, you're doin' fine.
One fine day, you'll make it Judenrein.
Just once before,
Has someone done more.
I like your work.
Bibi's a jerk.
That's why, Hamas, it's defensible,
Why I find you indispensible,
And think Zion's reprehensible, too!

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