Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Yet Another Foreign Policy "Success" (in the Benghazi Sense) For All-Seeing, All-Knowing Barack O.

Way to go, Barry! Looks like your legacy is assured:
Sudanese strongman Omar al-Bashir has launched aerial bombardments with increased frequency in the oil-rich Nuba Mountains, where Muslims and Christians alike are being targeted with “tremendous” force, experts told FoxNews.com. 
The attacks led by al-Bashir, who remains wanted for genocide by the International Criminal Court, have reached their highest levels in the past two months since the conflict began in June 2011. And while it remains very difficult to estimate how many people have died, more than 300,000 people of indigenous ethnic groups known collectively as the Nuba peoples have been displaced in South Kordofan, a province of Sudan, according to Ryan Boyette, a former American aid worker who lives in the region. 
“What we’re seeing here is the Sudan forces are getting weak, the morale is down, so they’re doing more bombing,” Boyette told FoxNews.com. “They are trying to demoralize the people within the region by just doing a tremendous amount of bombing.” 
Boyette — who runs Nuba Reports, a website dedicated to covering conflict in the Nuba Mountains — said bombing in the region by the Sudanese regime had decreased slightly when South Sudan suspended oil production in January after it accused Sudan of stealing its crude. Sudan, for its part, said it was taking the oil for unpaid transport fees. 
“The United States pushed very hard for the north and south to let the oil flow again,” Boyette said. “Immediately after that agreement was signed, we started to see a massive amount of bombing. So now that they’re financially backed and able to back up their operations, I think we’ll see these bombings continue. I don’t see any reason why they’d let up.”...
Me neither. But don't blame al-Bashir, a.k.a. the Butcher of Khartoum. I hear his nose is majorly out of joint because of a youtube trailer insulting Mo the pro.

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