Monday, November 19, 2012

Does the Beeb, With Its Culture of Pedophilia and Endemic Zionhass, Deserve a Future?

That's the question to pose upon reading this, by Melanie Phillips (her italics):
On BBC Radio’s Any Questions on Friday evening, audience questioner Stephen Bedford asked:  
‘Despite all the foreign aid and support, Israel has spectacularly failed to get on with its neighbours. Does Israel deserve a future?’ 
So with Israel having faced existential attack from the Arab and Muslim world for the six decades of its existence, and having been under intensive rocket, missile and human bomb attack from them for more than a decade, the BBC Any Questions production team selected as the audience question to launch its discussion of the Gaza war whether Israel actually deserved to exist at all.  
Indeed. As vile as, say, our very own Ceeb soliciting the, ahem, informed opinion of the co-founder of The Electronic Intifada.

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