Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Al Jazeera High Fives Justin Trudeau

He's so hopey-changey, it gushes:
At 41 years old, Justin Trudeau is young, charming and charismatic - a marked contrast from the typical face of Canadian leadership.
Trudeau, the eldest son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau and a former high school French teacher, easily won the Liberal Party's leadership race on Sunday, receiving 80 percent support from the 82 percent of party members eligible to vote.
“Canadians want better leadership and a better government," he told his supporters in Ottawa after the results were announced. "Canadians want to be led, not ruled. They are tired of the negative, divisive politics of [Canadian Prime Minister] Mr Harper’s Conservatives." 
Omar Alghabra, a long-time personal friend of Trudeau who was at the convention, was thrilled. "The results were overwhelmingly joyful," he said. "It was really incredible to see the results of the hard work come to an end."
It's an achievement the Syrian-Canadian can take some credit for. As Trudeau's Volunteer Engagement Director, Alghabra helped recruit more than 12,000 volunteers across the country to work for Trudeau's campaign. "I believe that he represents and carries with him the values that are not only in sync with my values, but the fresh energy and new ideas that Canadians are looking for," Alghabra says.
This is a sentiment echoed by many of Trudeau's supporters. "His values seem to embody the values of Canada from the 1960s," says Ibrahim Daniel, a board member of the Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association who has engaged with Trudeau at several public events. "Being humble, open to new ideas, welcoming people from around the world, a more positive perspective - rather than the Conservatives where it seems that every person fends for himself, is suspicious of change, or of new Canadians. Trudeau is the opposite of [Canadian Prime Minister] Harper in so many ways."...
In particular, they view Israel in a completely different way. Harper, on the one hand, is a staunch supporter while Justin, on the other hand...not so much. (And neither is Justin's bro Sacha, a  Zion-loather from waaaay back. In a doc broadcast last year on the Ceeb, filmmaker Sacha asserted: ""While there is no proof that Iran has even made the decision to start a nuclear arms program, Israel's nuclear arsenal will largely out-gun whatever weapons Iran might acquire, but from a vantage point of Iran, it is the one being threatened not the one doing the threatening".)

Dear Canadian Jews (not mentioning any names): if you vote for Justin over Harper and your guy wins, you deserve everything you get.

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