Monday, April 22, 2013

Make No Mistake--It Was Jihad

Connecting the brothers Tsarnaev and all the other "lone wolves" so as to reveal their pack mentality (and our own blindness to it), Mike Mukasey writes:
For five years we have heard, principally from those who wield executive power, of a claimed need to make fundamental changes in this country, to change the world's—particularly the Muslim world's—perception of us, to press "reset" buttons. We have heard not a word from those sources suggesting any need to understand and confront a totalitarian ideology that has existed since at least the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1920s.
True enough, and we're unlikely to hear it anytime soon, because that message, quite simply, is far too unpleasant. No, we're far more likely to hear the same old, same old--"root causes," terrorists have misunderstood the true Islam, jihad is an intense personal struggle to follow God, and Islam is and remains all about peace.

Update: "Alienation and feeling left out": the reasons a Kingston, Ontario imam gave on Ceeb radio just now for why young men would turn to "terrorism" (let's not call it jihad, 'kay?).

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